Dark-Horse Trump Rival Pumps Crypto, Aims to Make US a Bitcoin Nation

Far from a first, California Democrat Rep. Eric Swalwell is accepting Bitcoin donations for his dark-horse bid to knock off Donald Trump in the 2020 presidential election. More significantly, the bombastic congressman wants to usher in a blockchain revolution after he vanquishes Trump from the White House.

Altogether, Swallwell is accepting six cryptocurrencies. Two of the six are odd choices. One of them is the White Standard, a stablecoin we hadn’t previously heard of which reports $0 in USD reserves. The White Company runs his crypto campaign contribution site, which probably explains that decision. The other is Bitcoin SV, the embattled project of Craig S. Wright, who insists he is Satoshi Nakamoto despite mounting evidence to the contrary.

Andrew Yang is also accepting crypto donations. Both Yang and Swalwell are long-shot candidates to even get in the race against Donald Trump, with favorites like Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders leading the democratic polls.

Reference: https://www.ccn.com/dark-horse-trump-rival-pumps-crypto-aims-to-make-us-a-bitcoin-nation

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