Cryptoxygen would be the first integrated digital assets platform in notebooks in 2019!

Since 2017, the world of blockchain based cryptocurrency is going through the revolution of classical fiat industry and taking a considerable portion of the market share by attracting more and more investors in the sector.

Recent cryptonews on the ICO of the year of Bittorrent, have confirmed that the crypto-investors are active as never, since the company raised 18M$ within 15 minutes of going live. Samsung had also integrated its first cryptowallet into smartphones, reaching millions of new cryptoinvestors and marking its recent presence on the fintech niche.

Such strong and active demand among cryptocurrency users, shows that the current trend of digital world and artificial intelligence is slowly substituting the classical financial model.

Cryptoxygen just signed a partnership with Thomson Computing, group SFIT in France, for integrating its digital cryptoexchange platform directly in the hardware of Thomson Computing. The idea of Cryptoxygen is to facilitate access to cryptocurrency trading to existing investors as well as to new comers into cryptocurrency world.

This is a first time in the history of cryptocurrency and blockchain, that such a deal is done. In fact, Cryptoxygen will offer to Thomson Computing customers free OXY2 tokens for registering on the cryptoexchange platform with additional services.

Cryptoxygen will provide with social trading, allowing beginners to copy advanced traders and to start making profits without a solid knowledge in trading.

Moreover, Cryptoxygen will offer to its customers through loyalty programs online trading academy, training on cryptocurrency trading, choosing the right projects and giving latest tips.

Our company philosophy is to bring cryptoworld to everybody and make it easy and accessible through solid partnerships and educational programs.

Furthermore, Cryptoxygen has an engagement to support reversing 30% of its profit into financing start-ups involved in renewable energies and artificial intelligence.

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