Coil’s new video streaming platform Cinnamon integrates with ILP

On February 21, Coil tweeted that they will be launching a video streaming platform, Cinnamon, on the Coil platform, which will be integrated with the Interledger Protocol [ILP].

Cinnamon video streaming platform will help content creators monetize their content with XRP. Coil’s tweet stated: “We are proud to announce which will become a video-streaming platform with exclusive content for Coil members. Huge thanks to @Coil, @Interledger and @Ripple for making it possible. Stay tuned for more!”

Cinnamon will easily fit into Coil’s first product, a flat-rate subscription for consumers, which will allow them to support creators, breeze past paywalls, watch fewer ads, and unlock additional features and content.

Coil uses an open API called web monetization to pay websites in real-time. This allows websites to securely reward users who have web monetization enabled, creating a self-sustaining economy.


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