Canadian Homeowner Will Only Take Bitcoin for Condo Sale

A Toronto man is demanding digital currency for his Ontario property. Former Wall Street businessman Derryn Shrosbree has listed his home for 35 bitcoins- $450,000 in today’s market. He told CBC News that the move was driven by a belief in the technology: “I believe it’s the future”.

It marks the first local occurrence of such a use of Bitcoin, although a buyer has not been lined up. Only accepting cryptocurrency drastically limits the amount of potential buyers, so it is unclear how long the property will take to sell – if at all.

Anthony Diiorio, CEO of Decentral who made Forbes recent crypto rich-list with an estimated $1b crypto wealth, was cautious of the move. He told the Canadian source that it may well be a marketing gimmick by cryptocurrency advocates and does not see a deal going through.


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