Canada’s Elections Body Grapples with Bitcoin Donations

Canada’s elections agency, Elections Canada, has invited views on how to handle the use of cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin in political fundraising.

Elections Canada Asks Political Parties for Input on Bitcoin
According to iPolitics, Elections Canada has requested political parties to submit their opinions on the matter as the body prepares for elections in the next few months. Political parties have until January 21 to present their comments. At the same time, the electoral body has issued an interpretation note that offers guidance to political entities on accepting cryptocurrency contributions and conducting transactions using the same. Per Elections Canada, this was done at the request of the political class:

With interest in cryptocurrencies on the rise, political entities have requested guidance on accepting contributions and conducting other transactions in bitcoin or altcoins. This interpretation note seeks to answer the following questions: Are cryptocurrencies monetary or non-monetary for the purpose of the Canada Elections Act (“CEA”)? How do the contribution rules apply? Can political entities buy property or services directly with cryptocurrencies? The note also clarifies reporting requirements for buying, selling, transferring and holding cryptocurrencies.

The interpretation note may, however, be updated once Elections Canada receives submissions from political parties and other political entities.


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