BTC is at the edge, needs to retest US $10000

It can fall to new low level or it can rise to new high level too. 50-50 chances. Its support level was 13900, from which it fall again to 12600. so I see more chance to fall back.

Once it has to come to that the point of US $2000. So its better before going to 100K, it test that level right now.

Meanwhile LTC is very much stable and moving up slowly, it range of 135 to 145.

And XRP too from 0.40 to 0.50.

Same with IOTA its between 0.42 to 0.48

Each and every coin is in minus accept Ethereum and Bitcoin.

As I am following the news mainly three reason for BTC to rise:-

1. US-China Trade War
2. War Scenario with Iran
3. Binance Exchange banned US citizens from trading.
4. Launch of Facebook’s Libra Coin whitepaper.

1. Bitcoin has to retest 10,000 level at least once for any durable upmove.

2. Litecoin above 100 will remain bullish and next major target is 220.

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