Blockchain Travel Service to Offer Hotels 20 Percent Cheaper Than on or AirBnb

The Europe-based company LockTrip wants to put the accommodation industry on the blockchain by creating “the first functional blockchain-based travel service.” The team says it already offers 100,000 hotels and more than 1,500 vacation rentals all over the world, with an average discount of almost 20 percent when compared to other booking sites — and with plans to add an additional 300,000 hotels and 900 airlines to its marketplace by end of January 2019.

Accommodations with zero commission can be booked directly through the existing LockTrip’s beta marketplace. To make the booking process easier for users who are unfamiliar with blockchain, the startup has created a service model that allows an instant connection between credit cards and the company’s ERC-20 LOC token. Travelers who are not crypto-oriented can make reservations by using a credit card in the exact same way as on any regular travel site, and the exchange for crypto will be executed automatically via an API connectivity with exchanges where LOC is traded.


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