Bitfinex Adds USDT Margin Trading

Crypto trading platform Bitfinex has announced the opening of a margin trading service for the USDT/USD trading pair. According to the platform, the aim of the new service is to improve its stablecoin offering so as to remain consistent with market evolution and user demand. With immediate effect, traders will be able to carry out leveraged trades for the trading pair, which means that they will be able to borrow money from the platform to exchange USD and USDT.

After this activation, Bitfinex also plans to enable margin trading for more stablecoin trading pairs. According to the announcement, there are plans to include other major stablecoin pairs when enough liquidity is reached, in line with its stated commitment to providing a “coin agnostic platform”.

Following the initial announcement, Bitfinex further revealed on its official Twitter account that it led has enabled margin trading for BCH/ABC (BAB) and BCH/SV (BSV) pairs, which generated a considerable amount of interest in the replies.


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