Bitcoin Trader Drugged, Beaten, & Tortured in South Africa

A Bitcoin trader from Lanseria in South Africa narrowly escaped death after being drugged, beaten, and tortured by suspected kidnappers. Narrating his near-death experience in a report in local news outlet Soweto Urban, the man, who is known only as Andrew, was invited for a presentation on cryptocurrency through a new contact on Facebook. The presentation was held at Natui Street in Meadowlands Zone Five.

He is reported to have gone into the undisclosed residence at about 1 pm to conduct the presentation to an audience of six individuals. According to him, one of these people snuck up on him from behind and stuffed a cloth in his face — presumed to be soaked with a sleeping drug that made him unconscious. Later, having recovered from the influence of the drug, he woke up in a completely different residence. Here, he was surrounded by five people — two women and three men.


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