Bitcoin Price Rally Fizzles after Most-Bullish Quarter since 2017

The price of bitcoin (BTC) is going down despite registering its most incredible quarter performance since December 2017.

The BTC-to-dollar instrument was trading at $10,875 on Monday, 07:50 UTC, down more than 8.5 percent on a 24-hour adjusted timeframe. The move downhill dragged the bitcoin’s market capitalization close to $193.41 billion. At its highest, the cap was $313.82 billion.

Over the past five days, the bitcoin price has witnessed a sharp decline of more than 21 percent from its 2019 high. The loss, nevertheless, looks dwarfed in front of the cryptocurrency’s overall gains this year, including a 162.79 percent jump seen upon the Q2/2019 close this June.


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