Bitcoin Price Boom Signals Massive Dystopian Panic Over 2019 Recession

The sudden swell of Bitcoin’s price to $8,000 USD this year shows global recession fears are mounting. This according to Michael Hartnett, the chief investment strategist at Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

Interestingly enough, Hartnett says global investors are investing in bitcoin not because they see it as a safe haven asset in times of instability but because they are seeking high-risk, high-reward investments. He argues the effect of low-interest rates since 2008 on bond yields has left investors starved of profits, sending them into a global “greed trade” across corporate, emerging market, and crypto securities.

Hartnett says investors are afraid of losing their savings in an imminent recession and seeking high returns to shore up their wealth. If major global investors that used to invest in bonds, the safest assets in the world, have jumped ship to swim for bitcoin — the ponzi scheme currency of lunatics, hackers, scammers, criminals, misfits, and the hopelessly naive — how bad do the world’s big players know things are? Terrifying.


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