Bitcoin Pizza Day 2018

Bitcoin (BTC) users around the world are celebrating the eighth so-called “Bitcoin Pizza Day” today, May 22. With BTC prices circling $8,200, the price of one of the legendary pizzas purchased on this day in 2010 is now worth $41.4 mln.

Traditionally accompanied by various social media events, giveaways from cryptocurrency businesses and a considerable amount of pizza-eating, Bitcoin Pizza Day remembers May 22, 2010 – the first time a Bitcoin user purchased pizza with the cryptocurrency.

On that date, Bitcoin traded at around $0.004, making the two pizzas Laszlo Hanyecz ordered from Papa John’s for 10,000 BTC cost $41.

A ceremonial occurrence in Bitcoin’s history, Hanyecz’s fateful transaction has garnered more admiration than ridicule. Commentators later noted that without such pioneering usage, Bitcoin would not have scaled to the phenomenon it is in 2018.


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