Bitcoin Nemesis ‘Dr Doom’ Threatens Lawsuit Over ‘Doctored’ Video

Days after Nouriel “Dr. Doom” Roubini debated BitMEX CEO Arthur Hayes in Taipei, Taiwan, the foul-mouthed Bitcoin critic is still not letting go over how everything panned out.

The New York University economics professor is now threatening to sue Hayes for releasing a “doctored edited highlights video of the debate” to select media organizations. According to Roubini, the video makes him “look bad” as his talking points have allegedly been edited out.

On top of the lawsuit threat, the Bitcoin basher had a few choice insults for Hayes calling him the “biggest a**hole, jerk, manipulator and criminal in the world.”

Since the debate took place on July 2, Roubini has been demanding that the BitMEX CEO release the entire footage of the proceedings. That has yet to materialize, leaving Roubini to pour out his frustrations on social media.


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