Bitcoin Has A Surprising Chief Cheerleader

Bitcoin, which seems to be as interesting to the Silicon Valley tech crowd as it does to the financial services sector lately, has found its biggest cheerleader in the form of Twitter chief executive Jack Dorsey.

Bitcoin and the wider cryptocurrency market, trapped in a painful bear trap that has wiped some $400 billion worth of value from the world’s cryptocurrencies over the last year, has struggled to justify its price as adoption stalls, bitcoin and crypto startups fight to keep the lights on, and closely-watched institutional investment is delayed.

Now, Dorsey, who as well as leading micro-blogging platform Twitter runs the U.S. payments processor Square and has some experience of working with bitcoin through its Cash App, has recently revealed he’s buying a whopping $10,000 worth of bitcoin per week and now has bought a bitcoin and cryptocurrency hardware wallet called a Trezor to store his swelling bitcoin holdings.


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