Bitcoin Extortionists Hit Fortune-500 Mexican Oil Giant Pemex for $5 Million

The hackers who hit Mexico’s state oil giant Pemex earlier this week with ransomware are demanding hundreds of Bitcoin in order to provide the decryption software. According to Bleeping Computer, the ransomware used to target the Fortune 500 firm is DoppelPaymer. So far Pemex believes that under 5% of its computers have been affected by the ransomware. The oil giant’s billing systems have been the most impacted by the cyberattack and the department has now resorted to a manual workaround.

Per the ransom note, the hackers have pegged the price of their decryption at 565 Bitcoin. At the current Bitcoin price, that amounts to $4,928,455. The attackers, however, promised a ‘good discount’ if contacted within 48 hours. But failure to make contact with the hackers within two weeks will see the ransom double to 1130 Bitcoin.


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