Bitcoin Bull John Mcafee Is Running for President While Running from the Law

John McAfee announced Tuesday afternoon in a video tweet that he and his wife have been indicted by a grand jury in Tennessee on federal, felony charges related to what McAfee acknowledges in the video are eight years of delinquent U.S. federal income taxes to the IRS.

Remember that McAfee is very blustery so there’s a real non-zero chance there are no charges, and that McAfee – a loose cannon and notorious publicity hound who is running for president in 2020 as he did in 2016, and has an upcoming movie (in which he’ll be played by Michael Keaton) – might be playing up whatever he’s going through or fabricating it completely.

An anti-government, crypto-anarchist millionaire who made his millions from anti-virus software in the 1990s and was an early investor in cryptocurrency, John McAfee filmed his video announcement about the tax evasion charges from a boat with two U.S. flags ironically flowing in the breeze behind him as he explained the charges he and his wife face for tax evasion.


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