Alive and kicking – The top three takeaways from NEO DevCon in Seattle

NEO held its annual NEO DevCon in Seattle last weekend to let the world know all about its latest plans – and that it’s still very much a horse in this race.

As its energetic founder Da Hongfei bounded up on stage, the excitement on his face was contagious. He enthused: “I’ve been to several blockchain events in the last six months, and nine out of ten events if half of the seats are occupied, that is a good one. So when I walk into this room and I saw this audience, my nervousness turned to excitement, so thank you for being here!”

He then went on to talk about the background of NEO, the Chinese blockchain ecosystem that he and co-founder Erik Zhang were instrumental in building up, and their ambitious plans for NEO 3.0. Here are the top three takeaways.


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