A Literal Sh*tcoin for San Francisco’s Homelessness Crisis

If ever there was a sh*tcoin that lived up to its name, SF Poop Token would be it. Blockchain developer Hart Lambur has created the first-ever crypto solution to track human poop sightings in San Francisco.

The SF Poop Token was conceived at the recent ETHWaterloo event, a hackathon that encourages developers to collaborate in building decentralized applications on top of Ethereum. According to Lambur, the light-hearted project could incentivize the local government to issue coins on the basis of committing resources to fix the problem.

You can already buy SF Poop Tokens on Uniswap. For obvious reasons they’re only available through one of Ethereum’s test networks, designated Rinkeby.

Reference: https://www.ccn.com/poop-token-for-san-francisco-homelessness-crisis/

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