8 Cryptojacking Apps were Detected in the Microsoft App Store

The crypto market might have been dominated by the bears and several crypto mining farms might have shut down, but cryptojacking is one activity that has not been affected by the market conditions. In fact, there were eight different cryptojacking apps that were found on the Microsoft app store.

The eight apps mined cryptocurrency on the host’s device without them knowing in the background. By using most of the CPU cycles to mine Monero, these apps surely caused a lot of damage to the trust of people in crypto. For an unsuspecting eye, there is no way of knowing if a particular app is legitimate or not.

These cryptojacking apps were found by Symantec and rightfully a complaint to take them off the app store was submitted to Microsoft; consequently, the apps were quickly removed. However, looking at the 1,900 different ratings that they have show the extent of the damage that they have caused.

Reference: https://all-stocks.net/8-cryptojacking-apps-were-detected-in-the-microsoft-app-store/

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