$630 Million Cryptocurrency Dash Releases ‘Biggest Upgrade’ Since Governance System

The Dash community has been banging its head against a wall for a while now. As its developers ramp up infrastructure to make mass adoption easier, it loses users in the process. Dash dropped from a number seven crypto in 2017 to 15th place over the last 12 months, losing 92% of value from an all-time high market cap of $11.6 billion.

However, in the spirit of better late than never, Dash is finally releasing its newest upgrade Evolution 0.13. And–whatever your stance on Dash–you have to admit, it’s pretty impressive.

With Dash Evolution 0.13, automatic InstantSend for simple transactions is included with no extra cost, something that Dash claimed was an industry first last December.

Instead of waiting for transaction confirmation, they’re instantly confirmed by fewer nodes, while removing the additional fee for InstantSend. This moves Dash closer to its goal of being true digital cash.

Reference: https://www.ccn.com/exclusive-630-million-cryptocurrency-dash-releases-biggest-upgrade-since-governance-system/

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