Zimbabwe’s only Crypto Exchange Aims for a National Digital Revolution

Cryptocurrency exchanges currently serve as the ideal gateway for entry into the ecosystem and therefore the designated channel of adoption into the mainstream. The effect of these exchanges in the financial solutions industry is obvious in a number of areas. Payments and clearance, remittances, operations and several other aspects have experienced one form of intervention or the other as a result of crypto implementation through exchanges.

In the current stage of the industry, the numerous opportunities that abound are accessible through these exchanges. For instance, the speculative market that is mainly responsible for the price fluctuations and increasing trade volumes are traded on exchanges. Beyond that, the alternative to traditional financial systems being offered by cryptocurrencies are the major reasons behind the several political and institutional interventions being experienced lately in the industry.

Reference: https://www.ccn.com/zimbabwes-only-crypto-exchange-aims-for-a-national-digital-revolution/

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