XRP tipbot’s Wietse Wind hosts AMA; gives updates about Xpring’s Cold Storage OS and future of tipbot

Wietse Wind, creator of the XRP tipbot, recently hosted an Ask Me Anything session on Twitter to answer questions about the funding they have received from Ripple’s Xpring. The session was moderated by the anonymous @XRPTrump.

The project Xpring includes Signing Platform, Decentralized Exchange User Interface [UI] and Cold Storage Operating System [OS]. Wind spoke about the project’s aim, which is to make XRP ledger more accessible for developers, consumers and small businesses. According to Wietse, this can only be possible if they are able to attract more developers into the XRP community, especially those who can develop applications for the XRP ledger.

Wietse added that the Cold storage system will be available by extending Linux building and it will the most secure storage, accessible only for XRP ledger. Wind said that this can be used on inexpensive laptops too.

Reference: https://ambcrypto.com/xrp-tipbots-wietse-wind-hosts-ama-gives-about-xprings-cold-storage-os-and-future-of-tipbot/

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