XRP Army May Not Be What You Expect and This Analyst Explains Why

The Famous XRP Army has been during the last months, the manifestation of Ripple’s acceptance beyond the boundaries of being a product oriented to satisfy the requirements of the traditional players in the world of financial services.

The growing number of followers and users excited about XRP’s potential has helped Ripple clean up its image in the community; however, the exponential and maybe unnatural growth of fans and the “extreme love” of an immense amount of accounts dedicated exclusively to the promotion of this token has raised many suspicions.

Recently, a series of tweets posted by Geoff Golberg, a New York-based researcher, provided evidence that the XRP Army is possibly just a bunch of bots and not an army of thousands of real human beings. According to some studies, it could all be a marketing strategy aimed at achieving a false engagement image.

Reference: https://ethereumworldnews.com/xrp-army-may-not-be-what-you-expect-and-this-analyst-explains-why/

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