Why Google Data Scientists Are Interested in Ethereum Classic

Google’s big-data analytics platform, BigQuery, just quietly added support for Ethereum Classic blockchain searches along with a range of other cryptocurrency networks. This effort will make it easier for technologists to search the blockchain for specific pieces of data.

This move is just one out of many the ETC community is pushing forward this winter to try to boost the niche cryptocurrency’s role in the broader marketplace, where it currently ranks via the CoinDesk Crypto-Economics Explorer as having less than 1 percent of the network activity displayed by bitcoin and just over 3 percent of the comparable developer benchmarks on GitHub.

Brazilian entrepreneur Edilson Osorio Junior, CEO of the blockchain voting and verification startup OriginalMy, told CoinDesk that this BigQuery addition will make it easier for his startup to search for a specific vote or authenticated publication date for a piece of media.

“Retrieving from BigQuery will be so fast, so I don’t need any more to have a local database to be redundant,” Junior said.

Although his company plans to continue operating nodes for their own records, OriginalMy is an anomaly in that it has paying clients like the Brazilian Fintech Association that might require quick queries. Junior said OriginalMy earned $60,000 from such clients in 2018 and is currently participating in the first Ethereum Classic Labs startup accelerator program in San Francisco, which concludes with a demo day in April 2019.

Reference: https://www.coindesk.com/google-ethereum-classic

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