Why Ethereum (ETH) can easily reclaim the second spot from Ripple’s XRP

For reasons related to Ether’s ability to maintain momentum despite the constant crisis that the Ethereum network has undergone and is still undergoing, Ether is showing profound possibilities of making a comeback and this is more likely to happen sooner than later.

Looking at the current market structure, the difference between Ripple XRP’s market capitalization and Ethereum’s Ether at press time is only a few figures apart.

With a little upsurge in trading volume, Ether might return to become the second largest cryptocurrency by market cap. According to data from coinmarketcap, Ether’s current market cap of $12.52 billion is swiftly catching up with XRP’s market capitalization of $12.84 billion. This is to mean that an increase of $320.49 million is all that is necessary for Ether to reclaim its spot.

Reference: https://zycrypto.com/why-ethereum-eth-can-easily-reclaim-the-second-spot-from-ripples-xrp/

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