Why Canada has Emerged as a Leading Blockchain and Crypto Nation

Canada has emerged as a leading crypto nation based on its innovation, low energy costs, high internet speed and favorable regulatory regime. While it ranks third in the world behind the U.S. and the UK when it comes to embracing Blockchain technology, Ethereum Blockchain technology adoption around the world with a wide variety of applications in finance, government, legal, health, education, space, national and multinational cryptocurrencies, energy, initial coin offerings and others is unparalleled.

A study conducted by Cornell University shows that “The Ethereum nodes are both in the latency space, and also geographically, more distributed around the world, as opposed to Bitcoin nodes, which tend to be located in data centers” explained Emin Gün Sirer, Cornell professor and computer scientist.

Reference: https://cointelegraph.com/news/why-canada-has-emerged-as-a-leading-blockchain-and-crypto-nation-expert-take

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