Who Cares About The Real Bitcoin, I Don’t

It doesn’t matter what the “real Bitcoin” is. In technology, “authenticity” is only important insofar as efficiency allows it to be.

It’s unlikely this is the first time you’ve read my work. I like to refer to myself as a cryptonaught. I am someone who has spent a serious portion of my life exploring cryptocurrencies and cryptography.

We’re ten years into the blockchain revolution. Bitcoin is no longer the only cryptocurrency. It is no longer the only digital cash. It is actually no longer the only Bitcoin. What Bitcoin lacks in uniqueness, it makes up for in store of value, liquidity, and investor interest. Not to mention security. Perhaps a rational crypto world would all flock to platforms that allow them to use the Bitcoin blockchain for security.

I’m here to tell you, reader, that there are several things which don’t matter anymore. Maybe they never mattered. First, I should present a limited parameter for what it takes to “matter.”

Reference: https://www.ccn.com/who-cares-about-the-real-bitcoin-i-dont/

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