What Monero’s Ric Spagni Thinks About Privacy And Money

If you ask Riccardo Spagni–aka FluffyPony on Crypto Twitter–about who should invest in Monero, get ready for a pushback. “Monero’s probably not an investment. It’s designed to be a currency, and in particular it’s designed to be a privacy-preserving currency.” says Spagni. Spagni is a builder who pushes norms in crypto, a community still defining what normal even looks like. I talked with Spagni about Monero and what makes it so different from other privacy coins.

Spagni had been working as a developer in a corporate office, and worked on breaking the Bitcoin codebase in his spare time. When the first trustless, default privacy protocol, CryptoNote, came out, Spagni’s interest piqued. He got into Monero for its unique codebase which launched while most of what was coming out were copies of the Bitcoin blockchain. He started mining Monero at its launch, participating actively in its community before becoming its lead maintainer and a vocal advocate for the internet’s most popular privacy coin.

Reference: https://www.forbes.com/sites/leslieankney/2019/02/07/what-moneros-ric-spagni-thinks-about-privacy-and-money/#3d98c1443302

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