What Makes Cardano Different?

While Cardano platform is an improvement over other cryptocurrencies, the rivalry between it and Ethereum is not as fierce, for obvious reasons. If Ethereum can make the necessary changes over time, it can consolidate its position in the market for decentralized applications ( DApp ) long before Cardano is ready.

It is clear that Cardano is a promising platform for cryptocurrency and technology that can achieve much in the near future. Other features that distinguish Cardano include its sophisticated staking ( POS ) protocol, security-focused ground base, a layered foundation that allows Cardano to function as both a blockchain platform and cryptocurrency, and a separate governance and treasure system.

In any case, it suggests that Cardano will continue to provide services that will address many of the significant cryptocurrency related issues, in particular, the digital currencies with which it has a common purpose, such as Ripple and Ethereum.

Reference: https://coinnounce.com/analysis-what-makes-cardano-different/

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