This Crypto Analyst Criticized Ripple (XRP), Now Angry Shills are Threatening to Murder His Family

When cryptocurrency research firm Messari published a shocking report alleging that ripple (XRP), supposedly the second-largest cryptocurrency, overstates its market cap by billions of dollars, it was a sure bet that the claim would ruffle feathers. The actual nature of the backlash, however, has been far more chilling.

In the day since the report‘s publication, Messari founder Ryan Selkis has been the subject of targeted harassment. Much of this intimidation took place on Twitter and originated from the controversial and predominantly anonymous #XRPArmy, though some of it occurred off-platform as well.

Beyond mere trolling, which unfortunately is the price of admission for having a Twitter account and a public profile, Selkis says that both he and his family have received death threats, all for the supposed crime of claiming that XRP’s circulating market cap is less than most people think. In one particularly sickening anecdote, he revealed that an anonymous individual called him from a Nashville phone number, recited his wife’s birthday, and
then hung up.


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