The MET team sticks with the plan to build on ETC, despite the 51% attack

The Metronome Token team proceeds with their plan to build on the Ethereum Classic network after seiing how the ETC managed to maintain their hashrate and market cap post the 51% attack.

It’s just 41 days into the new year, yet there has been lots of incidents and dramas in the crypto space. In a different perspective, though, it also means that there are still a lot of time to “make things right” this year.

After being hit by 51% attack in the beginning of the year and then seeing some of the stolen funds returned, many people might ask, “Do developers still want to build their projects on the Ethereum Classic (ETC) network?”

It may not represent any other projects, but a cross-chain cryptocurrency, the Metronome Token (MET) reveals their development plan that will use the Ethereum Classic network, as initially planned.

So, the plan was to build the Metronome porting on ETC, however, after the 51% attack, the team took time to reconsider the plan.


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