The Guardian Publishes Libelous Op-Ed, Falsely Claims Bitcoin’s Killing the Planet

An early Bitcoin mining investor writes a shock Guardian op-ed trashing his own investment as something that’s killing the planet. I don’t think I’ve ever read anything like it in my life. It’s a sign of the times and maybe the exact kind of mentality that JP Morgan Chase and Co.’s billionaire CEO Jamie Dimon was talking about in his recent address to the NY Economic Club.

The mentality that is in it to lose it. The never get anything done or start anything new mentality. The drag your feet, hem and haw kind of mentality that Jamie Dimon was referring to in a recent talk when he brought up an infrastructure project for Bayonne Bridge in New Jersey. The project that took ten years to clear all the hurdles to repair a bridge that will kill people if it doesn’t get repaired.


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