Tel Aviv Investment Firm Silver Castle Launches Trio of Crypto Funds

The infrastructure for institutional investors in the crypto market continues to gain steam despite this year’s relentless bear market. Most recently, Israel-based crypto investment fund Silver Castle, which targets institutional and accredited investors, unveiled two crypto funds in November with another fund waiting in the wings and is targeting $50 million in assets under management (AUM) by year-end, according to Bloomberg.

Silver Castle Raising $50 Million for Crypto Funds
Meanwhile, the combined value of the crypto market, which is currently hovering at $170 billion, continues to reel. Bitcoin has lost nearly three-quarters of its value since last year’s peak, as crypto funds, of which there are hundreds, oversee a combined $10 billion in AUM, based on data from Autonomous Research.

“We spent close to a year building robust infrastructure for managing other people’s money at the level of institutional grade with very, very high security,” Silver Castle CEO Eli Mizroch told Bloomberg.


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