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Top 7 Blockchain companies that are taking over the world

A blockchain is an online database that can be used by anyone with an internet connection, anywhere around the globe. The traditional databases we have seen so far, are owned by central figures like banks, firms, and governments. The blockchain, on the other hand, does not belong to anyone. With every user in the blockchain network looking after it, faking documents, transactions and tampering with all kinds of data is nearly impossible in the Blockchain technology. Continue reading Top 7 Blockchain companies that are taking over the world

World of Ether Partners with Coinbase’s Toshi

World of Ether, an Ethereum based crypto collectible game, has just sealed a partnership that will catapult the game straight to the top. The team behind the project is steadily ramping up for their Q1 release and to date, has sold 1711 “presale” eggs on the game’s site. Each egg hatches into a monster that you can either collect, battle, breed, sire or sell. The community around the game is buzzing as players anxiously await new and emerging details on the game’s intricacies. Well, folks, the team at World of Ether has officially partnered with Coinbase’s app, Toshi. Toshi is a mobile browser for the Ethereum blockchain, and it allows users on their mobile devices to interface with decentralized applications (dApps). This is huge news for egg holders as originally the game could only be accessed via desktop, with MetaMask. With this new partnership, users can play World of Ether anywhere.

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