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Washington Post Executive Pivots to Blockchain Firm CEO

Jarrod Dicker is the new CEO of blockchain media company P.oet. Dicker is making the move to Po.et while departing from his position as Vice President of Innovation and Commercial Strategy at The Washington Post. Dicker believes Po.et won’t just help content creators express their artistry independently, but that it will also work to serve media companies, brands and marketers. He wants those industry stakeholders to be able to generate revenue using their own platforms, publishers and business models. Dicker views the platform as an opportunity to provide transparency in media attribution and valuation. His move from The Washington Post strengthens the platform’s broader appeal as digital media continues to evolve. With first-generation content-driven brands like The Huffington Post recently announcing they will no longer compete alongside the Medium’s of the world, it looks as though power is shifting back into the hands of the creator. This evolving trend along with the addition of Dicker and Po.et’s growing number of use cases is truly positioning the platform for growth.

Reference: https://www.ccn.com/washington-post-executive-pivots-blockchain-firm-ceo/