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VeChain Price Surpasses $5.15

With all cryptocurrency markets turning green again, there is a lot of positive momentum in the overall industry as of right now. As we have we seen in the past, however, such momentum cna turn around rather quickly. With solid increases being recorded for the third day in a row, it would appear as if the entire industry is slowly recovering. Do not be fooled by this temporary reprieve, though, as it is possible we will see some wild volatility over the coming weekend once again. Even so, the VeChain price is noting some solid growth over the past 24 hours. Thanks to an 18.39% increase in USD value, the VeChain price is back above $5 for the time in nearly a week. With this value of $5.18, things are looking pretty good for this altcoin, even though nothing has been set in stone as of yet. Things are always subject to change in the world of cryptocurrencies, and the VeChain momentum may effectively turn against the coin at any given moment.

Reference: https://themerkle.com/vechain-price-surpasses-5-15-without-much-resistance/