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Manifesto of clarity and transparency in tokenomy projects

We, peoples, living in crypto blockchain world, understand, that cryptocurrencies, initial coins and tokens offerings, all Tokenomy is a NEW BIG THING, like the Internet or mobile communication, that anyway changing the world everywhere. Among other things, it gives the hope to build the clarityfull, transparent future, without a haze, a deception generated by the opacity of fiat money monopoly. We call this future as Tokenomy. Continue reading Manifesto of clarity and transparency in tokenomy projects

ICO Watch: Tokenomy

What is Tokenomy?
The founders of Tokenomy are the founding members of Bitcoin.co.id (Bitcoin Indonesia), the biggest digital asset marketplace in Southeast Asia with over 900,000 active users and over $2 billion USD in monthly trading volume.
The team aims to foster financial inclusion and provide access to anyone who wants to be connected with alternative funding networks and global innovation. The prime product for Tokenomy.com is a crypto-to-crypto exchange, focusing on the untapped and rapidly increasing cryptocurrency demands in Southeast Asia.

What makes Tokenomy.com standout among other exchanges is its one-stop tokenization platform, allowing anyone to issue their own tokens and hold their own token sales on the platform. These tokens will be listed on Tokenomy.com’s exchange for trading as well. Moreover, equipped with a shared log-in with Bitcoin.co.id, Tokenomy.com will be accessible to nearly 1 million users from day one. The goal is to offer a global token market access on one hand, and the ability for anyone, from small entrepreneurs to large enterprise businesses, to issue proprietary tokens and plug themselves into crypto liquidity pool for reliable and easy crowdfunding on the other. — Oscar Darmawan | CEO
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