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ICO Watch : EBCoin

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What is EBCoin?
EBCoin will bring significant improvements to the global duty-free market. The first area we are focused on is the sales tax refund process. Many countries now offer tax-refunds to tourists for shopping in their country, but the process involved to get that refund is very inefficient. That is the first area where we see blockchain technology solving a lot of problems, by automating and digitizing most of the process.

01. International currency exchange and tax refund service for global tourism
02. 1 ETH = 20,000 EBC = 1 EBC token
03. January 16, 2018 — February 13, 2018
04. 750,000,000 EBC total available / 1,500,000,000 EBC total supply
05. Strategic partnerships with 99Pocket, mPOS in Vietnam, and MC Payments in Singapore

ICO Watch : NaviAddress

ccxnews.com does not endorse or recommend participating in any initial coin offerings.

What is NaviAddress?
NaviAddress, the first global addressing system which uses blockchain technology, thereby changing the traditional way in which we locate objects and people worldwide. It allows users to replace a physical address with a NaviAddress, a short sequence of digits. (I believe it is positioned to become the new global addressing standard; it’s already live and ready to implement globally).
A Naviaddress makes your life so much better: when traveling, finding a place to meet a friend, receiving a package — and on many other occasions too.
Rather than dictate a potentially complicated physical address over the telephone, a user will simply give a universally comprehended number (avoiding problems with different languages or alphabets) via a mobile or web application assigned to that physical address.
Naviaddress is the address for the digital era and globalized world — a world that is speeding towards the future with a legacy addressing system that presents a huge bottleneck.

01. A unified digital ID for places and objects in real and virtual world
02. $0.05 = 1 NVT token
03. Pre-ICO: January 29, 2018 — February 28, 2018; ICO: March 1, 2018 — March 31, 2018
04. 500,000,000 total available / 1,000,000,000 total supply
05. Working app with 60,000 users registered and 1.5 million NaviAddresses assigned

ICO Alert : Attention Network

ccxnews.com does not endorse or recommend participating in any initial coin offerings.

What is Attention Network?
Our tagline is “advertising is broken, the blockchain can fix it” and we really mean that. One of the biggest problems in advertising today is a lack of transparency, leading to an enormous amount of wasted ad spend (projected to total more than $50 billion in 2018). Attention Network’s new cryptographically verifiable auction system, along with our proof of mechanism and proof of delivery techniques, enables honesty and transparency between advertisers and publishers. Our vision is that through a fair and transparent blockchain-based solution to the problems advertisers are currently facing, we can drastically improve the advertising ecosystem as a whole. To improve the ecosystem as a whole (not just for the advertisers/publishers), we have created an advanced staking-based policy system, enforced by smart contracts. The policy system will give publishers, advertisers, and users (including normal people who hate ads) the ability to moderate ads according to the rules of the selected community, and be rewarded for their efforts. Advertisers and publishers will create ads and content, which will require them to “stake” ATTN, saying they are compliant with these democratically-defined rules, if the ads or content are deemed to be inappropriate by the community of that network, the “stake” is distributed between users who helped enforce the policy. This system allows flexibility with respect to policy (many subcommunities can emerge, with different rulesets), cost-effective delivery due to the decentralized system ad server and trust in the network, due to mathematical and cryptographic proofs.

01. Blockchain auction solution for online advertisement
02. 1 ETH = 12,000 ATTN token
03. February 15, 2018 — April 15, 2018
04. 382,500,000 total available / 450,000,000 total supply
05. Functional alpha demo is live

Website: https://www.attentionnetwork.io/

ICO Watch : Dogezer

ccxnews.com does not endorse or recommend participating in any initial coin offerings.

What is Dogezer?
Dogezer is a next generation crowdsourcing and collaboration platform targeted to reshape the way people are working together. We are targeting software development at the start, but are pretty sure that our solution will cover other industries in future.

01. Software Development Collaboration platform
02. $.90 = 1 DGZ token
03. February 15, 2018 — March 8, 2018
04. 98,000,000 total available / 100,000,000 total supply
05. Alpha Version is Live | 10% Bonus during 1st week

Website: https://dogezer.com/

Gibraltar Government to Launch ICO Regulations

Last month, the world was informed that the Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange will roll out its very own initial coin offering (ICO). The ICO offering commenced on February 7 and will close three days from now. Two days after the ICO offering began, Reuters reported that the public should expect in the coming weeks to see a draft law surface from both the Gibraltar government and Gibraltar Financial Services Commission. Reportedly, the draft law will put forth the ICO regulations in the British overseas territory. For those who don’t know, the Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange is a subsidiary of the Gibraltar Stock Exchange, which is an extremely crypto-friendly exchange. According to lawmakers, this is significant news as the draft law marks the first ever set of ICO regulations. The draft law that is thought to surface in the next couple of weeks will help to regulate the sale, promotion, and distribution of digital tokens on the British overseas territory.

Reference: https://cryptocurrencynews.com/icos/ico-news/gibraltar-government-to-launch-ico-regulations/