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Spain’s Securities Regulator Undertakes a Blockchain Pilot

The project has successfully completed the proof-of-concept test which consisted of the registration and issuance of warrants. A process which normally took more than a week was demonstrated to be executed within 48 hours by integrating blockchain technology. The project boasted a reduced time of over 70% due to the connection of all the systems, automatic validation of requirements and transparency. Continue reading Spain’s Securities Regulator Undertakes a Blockchain Pilot

Spain’s Government Prepares to Lure Blockchain Firms, ICO Issuers

The Spanish government is reportedly preparing legislation that includes possible tax incentives to lure blockchain companies into the country. The People’s Party (PP) of Spain, the country’s ruling party, is weighing up legislation to specifically attract blockchain firms due to the technology’s potential in a number of industries including finance, education, and health, according to lawmaker Teodoro Garcia Egae. Speaking to Bloomberg, the lawmaker also pointed to ‘specific regulations’ that would make Spain a destination for entrepreneurs and firms to carry out initial coin offerings (ICOs) using blockchain(s).

Reference: https://www.ccn.com/spains-government-prepares-lure-blockchain-firms-ico-issuers/