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The Buy In: The Crypto “Shark Tank”

‘The Buy In’ is a new TV show focused on crypto and blockchain. Teams will be competing in a “Shark Tank” style competition to get their ICOs funded – and you get to be one of the sharks. That’s right, in true decentralized form, anybody watching the show will be able to participate in the outcome of the competition and can have a stake in the winning ICO. Seven teams will be competing to show off their ICOs and the power of blockchain behind the project. Over the course of five weeks, one team will be eliminated each week until there are two teams left; the winner is then chosen. Don’t worry; you won’t be making the decisions completely alone. There will be a panel of five blockchain/crypto experts there to help you decide. The panel decides which team goes home each week and who the ultimate winner will be. It is still unclear at this point how much the viewer’s opinion will come into play regarding who is eliminated and who wins. However, in week 4, the viewers will be able to participate in choosing what the teams must do to progress in the competition. In the end, the winning team will be awarded up to 1 million seed tokens, 50% of which will be issued when the ICO goes live.

Reference: https://cryptocurrencynews.com/daily-news/crypto-news/buy-crypto-shark-tank/