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News Outlet Salon is Mining Monero as an Alternate Revenue Source

Salon is the latest company to utilize CoinHive’s Monero mining script on their website. On Sunday, when readers utilizing ad-blockers visited popular news site Salon, they were faced with an interesting choice, foreign to the usual inquiry about disabling their ad-blocker. They could either disable their ad-blocker to continue to view content or opt-in to allow Salon to utilize their computer processing power to mine cryptocurrency. This is done using CoinHive’s embeddable script on their website, which is a JavaScript miner for Monero. In a blog post published the other day, Salon explains that diminishing ad revenue due to ad-blockers has led them to seek alternative means of monetizing their content. They also see the power in utilizing computer processing power over “reader’s eyeballs” for value-driven returns.

Reference: https://www.ccn.com/news-outlet-salon-mining-monero-alternate-revenue-source/

Salon Offers Readers Choice Between Ads and Mining Monero

Digital media publication Salon is offering its visitors an alternative to traditional online ads: allowing the site to use their computer processing power to mine cryptocurrency. In order to provide free content, Salon primarily depended on advertisements to run its servers, the company explained in a blog post published on Monday. However, digital ads are insufficient to fully pay for most media outlets – the site noted that ad revenue fell $40 billion from 1999 to 2010 – and Salon, in particular, has decided to offer users a new option to pay for content.

Reference: https://www.coindesk.com/salon-offers-users-choice-between-ads-and-mining-monero/