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Ripple Denies Coinbase Payoff Rumors Over XRP Listing

While nearly all cryptocurrencies have focused on decentralization for greater adoption, San Francisco-based Ripple has taken a different approach with XRP. The firm has forged partnerships with many banks to promote their services of quick and low-cost cross-border payments, and this policy has been highly successful. Another milestone for XRP occurred earlier this week when it was added to Coinbase Pro. However, there are rumblings that Ripple
paid Coinbase to list the crypto. Continue reading Ripple Denies Coinbase Payoff Rumors Over XRP Listing

Binance Denies Hack Rumors

Binance, the world’s highest-volume cryptocurrency exchange, denied rumors that it had been hacked after maintenance dragged on long past its originally-posted timeframe, leaving traders unable to access the platform. On Wednesday afternoon, Binance abruptly posted on Twitter that the exchange, which regularly handles several billion dollars worth of volume in a single day — was undergoing system maintenance and that users would likely experience “a temporary decrease” in performance. An hour later, the exchange posted another update, explaining that the maintenance — which involved fully resyncing the company’s replica database — would take longer than originally expected and that it could take “several hours” to get the platform back online.

Reference: https://www.ccn.com/binance-denies-hack-rumors-plans-reopen-trading-friday-morning/