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What is BCSHOP?
BCShop.io is a platform for selling digital products and services, based on smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. BCShop.io allows vendors to publish information about digital products and services, and customers — to purchase these products and services for Ethereum cryptocurrency. At that, all the data concerning products is stored as a smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain. The use of smart contracts allows for automation of payment processing and account of products. In the simplest cases, creating a digital product offer is done with only a few clicks and does not require vendors to install any software. Essentially, we want to connect buyers and sellers directly through smart-contracts with no middleman involved. — Vladlen Manshin, Founder & CEO
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ICO Watch: Tokenomy

What is Tokenomy?
The founders of Tokenomy are the founding members of Bitcoin.co.id (Bitcoin Indonesia), the biggest digital asset marketplace in Southeast Asia with over 900,000 active users and over $2 billion USD in monthly trading volume.
The team aims to foster financial inclusion and provide access to anyone who wants to be connected with alternative funding networks and global innovation. The prime product for Tokenomy.com is a crypto-to-crypto exchange, focusing on the untapped and rapidly increasing cryptocurrency demands in Southeast Asia.

What makes Tokenomy.com standout among other exchanges is its one-stop tokenization platform, allowing anyone to issue their own tokens and hold their own token sales on the platform. These tokens will be listed on Tokenomy.com’s exchange for trading as well. Moreover, equipped with a shared log-in with Bitcoin.co.id, Tokenomy.com will be accessible to nearly 1 million users from day one. The goal is to offer a global token market access on one hand, and the ability for anyone, from small entrepreneurs to large enterprise businesses, to issue proprietary tokens and plug themselves into crypto liquidity pool for reliable and easy crowdfunding on the other. — Oscar Darmawan | CEO
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ICO Watch: Sola

What is Sola?
Sola (short for “social layer”) is a next-gen decentralized social network whose users reach a bigger audience and make money from their content. Sola doesn’t use the concept of following — instead, it spreads information like a viral disease to the most interested users, applying AI algorithms combined with users’ reactions. We aim to become the top spot to share, consume, and publicly interact on non-private information of any kind in the most effortless way. You have something to say, we show it to those who care. Automatically. — Ilya Zudin, Sola CEO

ICO Information
The main ICO begins on November 27, 2017 and will run until December 22, 2017. There are a total of 50,000,000 Sola tokens (SOL) available during the main ICO, representing 33% of the total SOL supply. A hard cap of $5,000,000 is set for this period. $0.1 = 1 SOL. Continue reading ICO Watch: Sola