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Press Release: BlockDelhi Conference – Embracing Blockchain into India’s Business

New Delhi: On February 21st, more than 250 global participants gathered in Le Meridien Hotel for BlockDelhi – the first
international blockchain conference in India’s capital.

Featured speakers included political leader Sir Shri Ajay Singh, who delivered government keynote on the future of blockchain in India as well as professionals from local and international businesses discussing various opportunities and challenges associated with the technology.

Yale ReiSoleil, CEO of IOB Fund LLC spoke about investments in blockchain and how the emerging technologies are changing the future of finance. “We believe in balance of innovation and regulation” – said Mr. ReiSoleil. IOB is bringing together an international regulated exchange network by investing in regulated, licensed, and legal entities.

Companies in the blockchain space are currently facing challenges of integrating accounting and legal aspects of business such as compliance and taxation into the platform. Mr. Reisoleil emphasized that being able to provide substantial technological solutions to these challenges is one of the major factors to consider when looking at investment options.

IOB has abolished the annual management fee and is confident that commission-based transactions should be eliminated. The CEO
highlighted that the term “blockchain” might become obsolete as there is a necessity to implement a multidimensional transactional structure or “mesh”.

Visit: http://www.iob.vc/

and https://www.blackarrowconferences.com/blockdelhi.html for more information.

Twitter link: https://twitter.com/IOBFund

Innovative Marketplace : UbiatarPlay

UbiatarPlay, a new hi-tech company, is starting an innovative marketplace where wouldbe Avatars will ofer their physical presence for hire to people wanting to be instantly
anywhere in the world.

Our Chief Editor Ethan William interviewed Stefania Menini, Spokeperson from UbiatarPlay, She stated ” Imagine you giving simple graphical commands that make your Avatar move, explore,
examine and interact with things in another place, just like the movie ‘Avatar’ depicted.

Image: Our Chief Editor Ethan William with Stefania Menini at Blockchain Conference, New Delhi, India

Imagine that you can see and hear everything, like you are physically there. You could be in Paris and at the very same moment be instantly telepresent in San Francisco, with another person as your Avatar in the Bay Area.
The applications that come to mind are endless: teletourism (visit the Colosseum without hours of fying to Rome), business travels (without the costs in time and money of physical moving), remote industrial assistance (let the skills travel, not the bodies), precise
control of even the simplest job (check if your dog is happy and direct your pet sitter like you are the one running in the park with him) and so on.