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CEO of the Infamous Mt.Gox Found Guilty

Today it became known that Mark Karpeles was found guilty of tampering with records. He was given a sentence of two years and six months. But it is important to take account of the fact that Mark will be suspended for four years and if staying on good records in the next four years he will avoid jail time. Continue reading CEO of the Infamous Mt.Gox Found Guilty

Coincheck has lost $400 Million in NEM Coins Hacking

How do you lose $400 million in crypto currency? That’s the question that one of Japan’s biggest crypto currency exchanges Coincheck is trying to answer. Coincheck’s co-founder Yusuke Otsuka said 500 million NEM coins worth about $400 milion were sent illicitly outside the venue. The news has spooked investors in Japan, where many investors are still wary of crypto currency exchanges 4 years after the Mt. Gox collapse, which was the world’s leading Bitcoin exchange at time, and Mt Gox hacking and collapse had crashed the price of Bitcoin by nearly 90% at that time from $1000 to $100 within a week. This new loss in Jan 2018 is one of the biggest of investor assets since Bitcoin’s launch. Japan’s Financial Services Agency is looking into the case.