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Bitcoin Mass Adoption: When Should We Expect It?

Mass adoption of Bitcoin is the ultimate endgame for many developers and advocates of the most popular crypto asset today. The real visionaries of the space hope for a world in which the national government’s power is eroded by trustless forms of currency and governance enabled by blockchain technology. Under this scenario, individuals around the globe would make near-instant, cheap payments for goods and services without intermediaries, using second layer Bitcoin scaling protocols such as the Lightning Network. And the corporations requiring the most secure transfers would likely dominate activity on the mainchain. Naturally, with a huge percentage of the planet’s wealth being stored in Bitcoin, the   would be many times greater than it is now. For example, if Bitcoin was to exceed the market capitalization of gold ($7.8 trillion), the price of a single Bitcoin, presuming that all were mined and none was lost (but they are), would be around $371,430. Continue reading Bitcoin Mass Adoption: When Should We Expect It?