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Dash is Making a Noticeable Spike with its Bullish Line

With the advent of Dash in the world of digital currencies, a significant uproar was noticed in the billion dollar cryptocurrency club. This altcoin is aimed to provide quicker transactions with greater security and privacy. The reason why it made a significant upsurge in the crypto world is due to the fact that it had even surpassed $1 billion market cap just when it started making bigger gains. In early 2017, a single DASH worth only $11 but, this hiked to $100 by March 2017. The sharp increase in its value is contributing to the ongoing interests among the investors and traders to splurge in this cryptocurrency for making handsome profits. Continue reading Dash is Making a Noticeable Spike with its Bullish Line

Eden Labs – IoT Solutions, Part 1: IOTA

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When analyzing a project, the Eden Labs team looks for projects that do something unique or do it much better than its competition. Quality projects should be able to explain complex ideas simplified to their audience. In addition, projects that rely heavily on a broad user base have to have an incentive for the first ten people to join the network before a million users is ever achievable. No project will succeed if it requires a million participants to bring any value to its users. Continue reading Eden Labs – IoT Solutions, Part 1: IOTA

Messaging App Giant ‘Line’ is Launching a Cryptocurrency Exchange

In an announcement today, the Tokyo-based chat app confirmed that it has filed an application with the Financial Services Agency (FSA) – Japan’s financial regulator – to register and launch a cryptocurrency exchange. The application is currently under review.

It’s a significant move, one which sees Japan’s biggest messaging service announcing its foray into cryptocurrency trading, to be enabled within its chat application that is ubiquitous among some 70 million Japanese users. The messaging app is also massively popular in other regional nations including Indonesia, Thailand and Taiwan.

Reference: https://www.ccn.com/messaging-app-line-launching-cryptocurrency-exchange-60-million-japanese-users/