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Bitcoin More Popular With Czechs than the Euro

Czechs are more inclined to store value in cryptos than in euros, according to a new poll gauging attitudes toward currencies other than the koruna. When asked about their intentions to acquire foreign cash, twice as many respondents said they were interested in buying bitcoin than purchasing US dollars. Like many other nations, which do not have the luxury of emitting a “hard” national currency, Czechs may consider investing some of their savings in foreign, “convertible”, legal tender, like the dollar or the euro. Surprisingly, a new survey shows neither of these two is the number 1 choice for investment. The study, quoted by local media, was conducted among 525 people this month. Czechs are still wary of cryptocurrencies, according to the survey. Nevertheless, cryptos, like bitcoin and ethereum, have become the most popular currencies, when it comes to investment opportunities. Almost 11% of the respondents in an Ipsos poll admitted they were thinking about acquiring digital coins. Fewer Czechs said they would consider buying euros – 10.3%.

Reference: https://news.bitcoin.com/poll-bitcoin-more-popular-with-czechs-than-the-euro/