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Bitcoin Investor Who Lost $1 Million: Crypto Still ‘a Force for Good’

A bitcoin investor who lost $1 million in the bear market still believes the original cryptocurrency is a “force for good.” However, Peter McCormack warns others to be more careful with their money. Continue reading Bitcoin Investor Who Lost $1 Million: Crypto Still ‘a Force for Good’

Cryptocurrency Investing

Take a guess! Yes, dumb money, so small investors who bought at high prices and due to the crowd feeling scared, sold at lower prices. All the above reasons are more than important for predictive analytics and crowd sentiment analysis platforms to exist and help investors making better, more informed decisions. Below are some questions, you as an individual investor should ask, when investing in projects. These are just some basic questions many investors ask themselves when deciding to re-allocate funding or investing into a new company. Sanbase-low, for example, might help by analyzing important emotional information from crowds as well as financial indicators like projects ether burn rate, market capitalization vs burn rate and other financial data.

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Legendary Billionaire Investor Carl Icahn Shuns Bitcoin, Blames Himself

The activist investor won’t go near bitcoin for three reasons. Carl Icahn in an interview with CNBC expressed his distaste for cryptocurrencies, calling them “ridiculous,” but unlike others who were quick to write digital coins off, he admitted that in this case, the problem may lie with him. In true curmudgeon style coupled with a dose of self-deprecation, he pointed to limited understanding and old age as two of the key reasons he’s on the sidelines.

“Maybe I’m too old for them, but I wouldn’t touch that stuff,” he quipped. Separately, Warren Buffett, who similarly will only invest in companies whose business models he understands, doesn’t predict a happy ending for cryptocurrencies. Though these baby boomers aren’t buying, the millennial generation would increasingly choose bitcoin over other asset classes.

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