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Kraken Delisting ICONOMI (ICN)

ICONOMI, the company behind the ICN token, is moving to a more traditional legal structure that will eliminate ICN in favor of tokenized company shares that will be called “eICN.” As part of this transition, all ICN holders must convert their ICN to either eICN or ETH by December 31 2018. Since Kraken will not be participating in the conversion process they will delist ICN. Continue reading Kraken Delisting ICONOMI (ICN)

Eden Labs: Polkadot


Polkadot is a protocol that enables independent blockchains to exchange information. The defined purposes behind the project are:

  • To enable applications and smart contracts on one blockchain to transact with data and assets on other chains;
  • To run several parachains, each processing multiple transactions in parallel, allowing networks to enjoy infinite scalability;
  • To benefit from shared security, where individual chains leverage collective security without having to start from scratch to gain traction and trust.

Continue reading Eden Labs: Polkadot

Incoming! In the Cryptoworld, the Airdrop is King

Cryptocurrencies can be difficult to understand at the best of times.

Born out of a technological dream to disrupt the traditional financial establishment, the cryptoworld lingo is filled with jargon and obscure terms which may leave you scratching your head. Fiat, whale, bearish, FOMO: the lingo is fraught with implications and nuances that are hard to understand unless you delve deep into it. Continue reading Incoming! In the Cryptoworld, the Airdrop is King